This photo was taken at my wedding. Sitting is my father who has now passed and next to him his uncle who has also passed. My inocente moment began after the reception. My dad took me aside holding a slick bottle of tequila and two small glasses and said “let’s take a walk”.

Nearby, there was a small beach with an old shipwreck off the side of the shore. He pulled up his sleeves, took off his shoes and socks and rolled up his pants. Dipped the glasses in the sea water and poured us a drink. At that moment I thought my dad was the coolest guy ever! We talked until the sun set. What he told me would change my life forever, what we shared would be forever cherished. My father and his father before him were men, strong, stubborn, true. They worked hard providing for their family through the toughest of times. In our times, nobility is extinct, we have to read a novel or see it in a movie to hold on to fantastic notion.