Years ago, my best friend asked me to go with him on a pilgrimage… He was in need of some spiritual help and not thinking too much about it, I decided to go with him for support.

I literally dropped everything and headed with him to a Holy Mountain that I’ve never heard of before.  We found ourselves taking a boat ride to our destination.  We were greeted by a short elderly monk, whose smile quickly erased the exhaustion and thirst we had acquired on our journey.  After showing us our sleeping quarters, he invited us to his “keli” (a room in a cave) for some light conversation and a drink.  I was actually taken aback.  There stood two little shot glasses of some clear liquid, with some sweet delights on a tiny plate.  He was amused by my expression, and explained that a guest had left him a bottle of inocente Tequila as a gift, and confided that every now and then he would treat his guests with a shot.  “I must say I really like the name”, he said with a wink of his eye. I wasn’t sure what was happening, the overwhelming peace, the mysterious way of living, the land, the beauty.  I felt like never leaving. It is there high above, looking down on the Aegean, reflecting on my own life that I realized, I too needed some guidance, maybe even a lot of it.  My friend left after a few days, and I stayed.  Maybe, you’ll hear back from me soon.